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The Eight of Cups and Judgement combine to advise you that NOW is the time to simultaneously close one door it might feel sad and open another let yourself feel hope and optimism. In making this transition, you need to stay in touch with your emotions. What are their triggers and root causes? What life lessons or atonement should you extract from this chapter?

The theme of rivalry and competition is important this week, as announced by the presence of the sharp-elbowed Seven of Wands.

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Perhaps you see others, seemingly, doing better or getting somewhere faster than you have. STOP with the comparisons. Focus on yourself and your unique skills and character. THAT is all that counts.

Where are you headed? Do you still desire that destination? Do you want to tweak your course? It hints that you are perfectly poised to set off in pursuit of a true, life-long ambition and dream-come-true. What lifestyle do you dream of?

Aquarius Weekly Tarot 20-26 May 2019 - Aquarian Insight

You know, the reason you dream of it is because the Universe is nudging you in its direction. Now is the time to believe you can manifest it, and make a step in its direction. The Ten of Coins asks you to focus on the long-term game, the distant horizon, a lifestyle and world where this repeat pattern no longer affects you. What does that look like? What are you doing differently? Is there anyone no longer in your life as a result? Are you someplace else, doing something else? You can break this cycle. Virgo, you can help deflect and defuse this situation once and for all.

Step in and sort it out. Something great is on its way this week, Libra, so lean in and get ready. Expect success! Where and how?.. Dream a dream, create a strategy, and start the process of bringing this vision into your real life. I like your style, Scorpio, because you never dwell on misfortune for long. You move on from negatives. Power to you! The Eight and Queen of Wands asks you to broaden your horizons.

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The world is smaller than you think, and you can go further than you believe. No one will approach it like you. Be quick. Be stealth. Be frugal. Watch and listen. The truth and your path will be revealed and you'll skip away unscathed. Beautiful, emotional Cancer, the storm has passed.

The Three of Swords reversed indicates that a situation causing you emotional pain is thankfully winding down. You've made tremendous and poignant progress. It hurts to be the third wheel. No one ever wants to feel like an outsider. Rejection and social exclusion can hit us just as sharply as physical pain. This reaction hardwires us to stay connected to others.

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It was once essential for human survival. But it hurts. We focus on how others "wrong" us because it makes us feel more "right. You no longer fear missing out. By letting go of harbored anger, you have created the space for an emotional opening.

Continue to release the need to justify. Innate value was inside you all along. But it only counts when you finally see and feel it—and you finally do. Gregarious Leo, it is time for to indulge your every social whim. The Hermit reversed is drawn for you. This week, get out and make the most of every extra inch of daylight. Balance is key in life but for now, it is worth pushing yourself out the door even for those tiresome events you may feel like skipping. Winter was a time of reflection and reinvention for you. Now, let the world, your peers, and friends see what you are made of.

You are stronger, bolder, more daring, and enigmatic than ever before. The Hermit emerges from his cave and when he does, his light serves as a beacon for others. Shine your dazzling light to all who behold you.

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And watch as the marvelous manifests. Analytical Virgo, give your calculations a rest and leap forward with ease this week. The alluring and enigmatic Knight of Wands has been drawn for you. Summer's heat arrives early in the form of romantic energy and sexual awakening. Allow the passion of wands to run through you by not censoring yourself.

You don't always have to pick up everyone else's pieces. Put other's needs on the back burner.

Aquarius Weekly Horoscope October 7, 12222

Let erotic desire be your guiding flame. Allow yourself to be carried away. Permanence is an illusion often standing as a wall between what you need in the moment and what you desire in the future. Stay present by reaching for your desire. Be selfish. Be indulgent. Be bad. Don't judge. Tarot knights imply speedy messages. Be extra keen and aware about the way in which you communicate with others. Your words and actions manifest rapidly and pack an extra power punch this week.

Luscious Libra, partnerships mean the world to you. But who and what are you partnered with? How do your collaborations and alliances support or disable you? The Devil card is drawn as your card of the week, representing addiction, power, and control.